On Awakening

You stop praying, that is, intentionally you stop trying to control your situation through prayer, begging, visualizations or will. You trust life with whatever happens. Yes becomes your motto. Surrender becomes the way and you naturally follow it. This is because this is the path of non-duality.

God, or Source, is the All, the beginning and the end. There could never be an opposite to that which created all. If there was God’s opposite, the Devil, roaming the Earth, that would mean God is a deranged, crazy father. What parent would allow a pedophile in their child’s bedroom? None. Nor would the Creator of all cast his enemy onto the world his very beloved children reside. You see, the Devil is man’s invention to control his fellow man. The only evil is humankind forgetting its true identity.

We are all one. Which means all paths and experiences on this plane are part of that one. The concepts of good and evil dissolve when you awaken and there is simply just the conscious and unconscious.

To give value to any experience or person devalues the others and creates attachments, imbalances and ultimately suffering and more karmic lessons. Side note: You can have a preference without judging. I.e., I prefer to experience this over that and yet you see that both have the equal right to be because they originate from the same source.

It’s like watching a child’s puppet show or a movie, you don’t react to the bad guys or fear them. Why? Because you know it all comes from the same source, AND it’s just a play. Such is life.

Silence becomes your friend. At first you might think you are depressed and something is wrong with you, especially if you were an extrovert most of your life. However, you don’t feel sad, you feel total peace. This is because the ego is losing its power over you and the real you is emerging. The stillness puts you in a vibrational state that aligns you with your higher self. And this is where you become a truly powerful creator, when you no longer ‘want’ anything because you ARE everything.

When you come to this state it releases you from astrologically born karmas and DNA imprints from the blood linage that holds you back. The fears passed down through your family line dissolve. You can stop following your horoscope, and create a whole new path of experience.

The past dissolves and no longer has any hold over you. This happens when you stop finding your identity in your experiences. Whether you are in the process of awakening or have awakened, you will find you can no longer be a victim to anything or anyone. You know this because you have come to the realization that all experiences are equally divine—even the ones our culture has taught us are bad—because you now know who you are—pure divinity.

You are free to be however you want to be.

Examples of things you can do to speed up the process: Meditation, walking meditation, mindful practices or being present in all things (no mind chatter), water fasting, cold emersion therapy, to name a few.

Your new role is observer. Humility becomes a natural state. Pride, showing off and competition melts away—these were all attributes of the ego. Love of self, neighbor and all of life motivates you. And now, you are ready to be a true citizen of the New Earth.

Published by Melanie S. Wolfe

Just a writer doing what she loves; writing, sharing classic stories and posting about my new fixer-upper and life in coastal Maine. Find my books at www.melanieswolfe.com For you quote nerds check out the quotes and words of wisdom printed on your favorite everyday products in the Story Therapy Merch section.

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