Navigating The Fog of Life

Today, in Blue Hill, Maine, I woke up to the glorious sight of fog. I love fog. Maybe because I grew up in a place that didn’t experience much of it and I rarely got to see it, and maybe, it’s because fog reminds me of navigating life.

When you think about it, moving through both life and the fog are very similar. You can only see so far ahead in life and you never know what’s going to suddenly appear.

When in the thick of it, it’s very similar to how life forces you to navigate a major challenge—you are forced to keep moving forward, you don’t stop or quit–or you risk a crash, no, you keep rolling ahead until you’re out of it…

and then, there’s the joy you feel when the fog lifts and the danger is gone and everything is clear again.

Life doesn’t need to be feared, only understood. The fog will lift soon.

Published by Melanie S. Wolfe

Just a writer doing what she loves; writing, sharing classic stories and posting about my new fixer-upper and life in coastal Maine. Find my books at For you quote nerds check out the quotes and words of wisdom printed on your favorite everyday products in the Story Therapy Merch section.

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