Dick Jarvis, chemist of the party, shivered as he looked up from his notebook. “I’d just as soon spend it in a liquid air tank!” he averred. “These eighty-below zero summer nights are plenty for me.”

I was Dumb; They Reminded me Every Year

When I was seventeen and a half I worked full-time at Taco Bell and sometimes after my shift, I’d drive over to this small college town where I would cruise by the beautiful private campus and watch the students walk to class. Billy Squier’s song, ‘Nobody Knows’ would play in the background as I drove by the kids and admired the hard work it took to get there. Sometimes, I would even cry because I wanted that too.

Gulliver’s Travels

By the advice of several worthy persons, to whom, with the author’s permission, I communicated these papers, I now venture to send them into the world, hoping they may be, at least for some time, a better entertainment than the common scribbles about politics and party.

The Rights of a Boy

When I came here a month ago, the intake guard told me I’d sit here in prison for the rest of my life and pay for my sins. I can’t imagine life after lunch, let alone 40 years. It hurts my skull just thinking about it.

Land of Tornadoes

Bronte Wilson sat on the passenger side and thought of the cheerful line from the famous Oklahoma song as she stared out at the wasteland before her. Where the wind comes sweeping through the plains. The wind sounded so much more delightful in the fun, perky song than in reality. In real life, the wind sweeping through the plains was about as comforting as a tornado joyously hopping over one’s home.

The Window Girl

By Melanie S. Wolfe Chris jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water. He put on his deodorant, carefully detailed his hair and smiled and winked at the handsome guy in mirror. This was going to be a good day, he told himself. He danced his way toContinue reading “The Window Girl”

The Guy in the Corner

I glanced back at the guy in the corner. He had a book in his hands, but he wasn’t paying much attention to it because his eyes were on me—I think. He smiled, and I looked away unsure if that smile was meant for me or for someone else.

Painting Grace

By Melanie S. Wolfe I was at the hobby store Michael’s this morning, looking at fall decorations and on one of the endcaps sat this paint-by-number of a Dalmatian. Instantly it became hard to see as my eyes filled with sweet sorrow and I ran my fingers over the dog’s face, it was my Gracie.Continue reading “Painting Grace”

On Awakening

You stop praying, that is, intentionally you stop trying to control your situation through prayer, begging, visualizations or will. You trust life with whatever happens. Yes becomes your motto. Surrender becomes the way and you naturally follow it. This is because this is the path of non-duality. God, or Source, is the All, the beginningContinue reading “On Awakening”

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