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It’s been hotter than Satan’s butthole the last few days. Maine doesn’t normally experience hot summers so the homes here are built without AC. And boy did we wish we had that ugly, yet glorious unit humming away outside. Instead, we had fans. Lots of them and we still had sweat rolling down our backs.Continue reading “Copyright Free Photos”

The TikTok Angel

By Melanie S. Wolfe Four siblings, wearing all black, stood in the very kitchen they grew up in and stared at all the food dishes wrapped in plastic. The last guest had left, and it was the first time they were alone together since the dreaded call. Jennifer, the oldest, took a sip out ofContinue reading “The TikTok Angel”


Dick Jarvis, chemist of the party, shivered as he looked up from his notebook. “I’d just as soon spend it in a liquid air tank!” he averred. “These eighty-below zero summer nights are plenty for me.”

Gulliver’s Travels

By the advice of several worthy persons, to whom, with the author’s permission, I communicated these papers, I now venture to send them into the world, hoping they may be, at least for some time, a better entertainment than the common scribbles about politics and party.

The Rights of a Boy

When I came here a month ago, the intake guard told me I’d sit here in prison for the rest of my life and pay for my sins. I can’t imagine life after lunch, let alone 40 years. It hurts my skull just thinking about it.

Land of Tornadoes

Bronte Wilson sat on the passenger side and thought of the cheerful line from the famous Oklahoma song as she stared out at the wasteland before her. Where the wind comes sweeping through the plains. The wind sounded so much more delightful in the fun, perky song than in reality. In real life, the wind sweeping through the plains was about as comforting as a tornado joyously hopping over one’s home.


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