I was Dumb; They Reminded me Every Year

When I was seventeen and a half I worked full-time at Taco Bell and sometimes after my shift, I’d drive over to this small college town where I would cruise by the beautiful private campus and watch the students walk to class. Billy Squier’s song, ‘Nobody Knows’ would play in the background as I drove by the kids and admired the hard work it took to get there. Sometimes, I would even cry because I wanted that too.

On Awakening

You stop praying, that is, intentionally you stop trying to control your situation through prayer, begging, visualizations or will. You trust life with whatever happens. Yes becomes your motto. Surrender becomes the way and you naturally follow it. This is because this is the path of non-duality. God, or Source, is the All, the beginningContinue reading “On Awakening”