Our Fixer-upper, the Moon and the Solution

Yesterday was the Strawberry supermoon, and like clockwork, my mind was bouncing from one problem to another, causing a panic attack. The reality of our new fixer-upper in Coastal Maine and the cost of its repairs hit me and hit me hard. Before, when I dreamed of our place, I saw this grand vision forContinue reading “Our Fixer-upper, the Moon and the Solution”

There is such a place as fairyland…

There is such a place as fairyland – but only children can find the way to it. And they do not know that it is fairyland until they have grown so old that they forget the way. One bitter day, when they seek it and cannot find it, they realize what they have lost; andContinue reading “There is such a place as fairyland…”

The TikTok Angel

By Melanie S. Wolfe Four siblings, wearing all black, stood in the very kitchen they grew up in and stared at all the food dishes wrapped in plastic. The last guest had left, and it was the first time they were alone together since the dreaded call. Jennifer, the oldest, took a sip out ofContinue reading “The TikTok Angel”

Gulliver’s Travels

By the advice of several worthy persons, to whom, with the author’s permission, I communicated these papers, I now venture to send them into the world, hoping they may be, at least for some time, a better entertainment than the common scribbles about politics and party.

The Window Girl

By Melanie S. Wolfe Chris jumped out of bed, went to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water. He put on his deodorant, carefully detailed his hair and smiled and winked at the handsome guy in mirror. This was going to be a good day, he told himself. He danced his way toContinue reading “The Window Girl”